Clang.  Clang.  Clang.  A loud noise hits the iron surface.  Smothering heat and gas fills the surrounding area.  Piping hot, auburn red, beating dents are of the elements to describe the work at hand, yet all while a warm glow kindly emits from a metal rod.  A hammer yet again hits upon the surface smoothing the cylinder to make the form it was suppose to appear.  This is a pivotal time to make a piece of rod from what forms in the mind to a true possibility.  Of course, there is an intended form from the beginning to the end.  Though what comes to thought is that there is a process from creating a blue print, connecting these thoughts to a real arrangement.  The road map helps build the wonder in the mind, though craftsmanship helps the integrity of the whole project.

There are components in making something truly possible.  While there are these, it is important to not let it linger as only visualizations, therefore it stays only as a dream.  It needs proper craftsmanship so that it doesn’t make a sword fall from its hilt.  The process shouldn’t be fast and needs to be carefully approached steadily.  Your head could be spinning with so much, yet there needs pinpoint action to let it not encumber you.

To help make a bridge of our thoughts and contribute in craftsmanship, inspiration is needed.  Inspiration is as a spark that bridges between the imagination to reality.  Without the bridge it stays as a fantasy of the mind.  Though, inspiration doesn’t go alone.

There are necessary equipment.  The same as usual could be fine, though equipment needs to be open to go above and beyond if in the matter of various possibilities.  Of course, learning the knowledge to make the way open up provides vital possibilities.

Following through is to have a fire ignited.  There are many thoughts that goes in our minds to bring solutions to our means.  Pressed by matters elsewhere can distract from your initial idea.  Perhaps, there is a rainy day in the mind.  It causes down time from getting flustered.  Suppose sitting for too long, a thought needs to be remembered to bring it back in order.  There is a fuel for the fire, don’t forget that.

These are only three components to help cultivate craftsmanship so it doesn’t fall short.  While craftsmanship is a skill to maintain the work that is needed, we need to recognize the fundamentals at play.  Otherwise, ideas would definitely be just a mere reed shaken by the wind.

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind. – Johannes Brahms

Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

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