Relationships *

The strongest connection we have are with those that are connected to life with us.  Rather of what one may have, which is defined as far as just mere possessions.  Possessions could have a detailed likeness that could give us what we need at moments in our life.  There is a kind of depth that cannot be compared as to a heart to heart connection.  If deemed  as items that could be stored in just any locked box in the closet, there is not true value to it.  If only to be seen as black and white or maybe gray, it lacks the life providing that inner warmth.

With relationships, we are given a stronger union to life.  Here is a little experiment you may try.  There is a subtle, yet special feeling, a kind of connection we may put it as.  Be open to the exercise as it can be a suggestion for you.  Look at an object in your home.  Now, point toward someone you care about.  Compare the feelings inside.  There could be layers of feelings from experiences of love to values you really have together.  Compare inside your home and throughout.  You will begin to understand your true treasures in your home revealing itself.  Now, surround yourself with those true treasures as you will live a better fulfilling life.

Treasure your relationships, not your possessions. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Original Published Date: Feb 12, 2018

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