Bird in the Shell

There is a story of a man trying to help a bird from a shell…

There once was a man who was walking by and witness a bird hatching.  The man thought it was a wonder to stumble upon a miracle of life.  It was an egg shell about as the size of one inch or two.  The egg shell moved around shaking back and forth.  Suddenly, a chip folded out and a beak peered out.  The bird appeared struggling to get out of the shell.  It tried and tried.  The man felt sympathy for the bird and decided to help it a little.  The man teared the rest of the chip and soon after, the bird managed to get out of the egg.  It spread its little wings and jumped into the air to fly.  Unfortunately, the bird fell from the tree.

Of course, this is only a story.  In real life, from a hatching bird, a bird needs 2 to 3 weeks.  There are other birds that may take around 10 weeks or so.  The story expresses a point.  The bird hatching from its shell is a critical moment in its process of life.  There is a process where the bird is building strength.  The strength is a natural process.  Within the egg, the bird becomes stronger to break out of the shell.

There is a process for us in life.  We are like the bird in the shell.  There are critical processes in life that we need to overcome independently.  Getting help from others could be good, though  there is a natural process to building an inner strength.  Even at a physical perspective, our arms need a certain strength to overcome basic stages of development.  Our mental needs a certain efficiency to live in accord with mankind. 

There is inner strength and outer strength.  Sometimes, it might seem like something outside of ourselves could help us get out of a situation or issue in some matter.  Perhaps, it could help.  Help is good.  Though there are inner strengths that surpass mere temporary solutions.  Awareness of these could include education.  Education is absolutely important, nevertheless gives food for the inner strength.  Read a good book and keep it up.  Learning gives you the opportunity to moves from subjective to an objective perspective of life. 

The inner life, doesn’t have to be the innermost, that is to the extremity. However, it is not far from reach.  Eating healthy, knowing habits and routines, values, good principles, maintain good practice, relationships with family and friend.  We just need to be able to determine what is temporary and continual.

We need to understand that there are challenges in life that are essential in the process of human maturity.  If you are in a situation that might seem tough, there is a reason for it.  There are walls that we have to face.  We have to face these to overcome hurdles and trials of life.  Life is just giving us the opportunity to build an inner strength to open our wings and fly.

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

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