The New Day

As we turn the pages of our lives, eventually we come to a new chapter.  Is it entirely different from before?  How is the continuity from one chapter to another?  Does it follow a centralized plot?  Is it a climax?  Is it foreshadowing?

These terms and ideas are common to learn about in literature class.  There are probably many more to describe and relates to life.

The feeling of being old reminds thinking about literature class back in the day.  Yet no worries, because it should be ingrained now.

Reading helps with comprehension and with the new day revealing the qualities of new strengths and new thoughts.  We are encouraged to open up the big book of life, so we can go forth living to our potential.

The quality of new may seem obvious, though what does it entail?  It seems that after each era of our experiences, each block of success, the story of our lives are given a fresh new perspective.

Perhaps it keeps us warm.  If no warmth then it is cold.  Each new day springs us into action to help make our spirits bright.

We ought to remember that there is a point of the new day.  A new day can have many details.  Any answer could not do.  Though, to keep it real, remember the good points that encompasses who you are.  Thus, a new day will be a good read in the great book of our life.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

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