Great Mirror *

In the nature you pursue, the way you are is how your life gives to you.  Your life will constantly try to match you to your request.  You can be striving for success toward a new found career.  So then you explore the maybe’s peering just over the hill of your circle of possibilities.  Then, you are touched with the fragrance of that you put yourself in.  Along the way, when you touch life in a good way with love, respect, and harmony even bringing out courage, resilience, and faith, your world becomes filled with that.  How will you fill your life to cultivate toward a better world for you?

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Roots Within Leading to a Happy Life *

We can see the world around us and try to make a better life.  Of that, you try to have a proper education, make money, buy a new car and house.  While these are what one can pursue for a happy life, sometimes, it may seem a bit to grasp.  There is a thought that to have a happy life, very little is needed.  How could we really understand this point?  Suppose we look within the roots of our nature.  This is by looking within ourselves.  Find what moves the gears inside that shape the other gears as it goes out.  The little gears shape the big gears.

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Space *

There is a gift that I always want that would make me happy.  It is to be big or small… that is up to you.  It could cost you a pretty penny, yet should not cost you even a dime.  Asking the question, what may it be?  It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle.  A fascinating way to describe it is that it is always there in front of you and back of you.  It seems that I gave you enough of a description of what it is like.

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