A Grain of Sand

A grain of sand in the middle of the great blue drifts along the currents for days, months, years, and even decades.  Does it drift?  An inanimate piece of mother earth is incapable of moving.  However, it is able to swim.  How so?  It swims with the currents just as the winds blow.  If you only take it as a grain of sand, a small piece of rock examined with flat surfaces however cubical in its nature, it cannot swim.  Swimming is absurd.  Drawn to the minute, small as a grain of sand, it stays shallow.  There are many grains of sand along the bed of the ocean, while some float along the surface of the eddies and waves.

If you look at it objectively, the grain is not moved on its own.  The current moves the grain.  There is a bigger picture.  You can zoom out from the depths of what seems as the infinite blue ocean comparing only to a grain of sand.  It has the potential to move across the ocean.

The grain of sand is symbolic of life and living.  While the tides brush a piece along the contours of the beech, life moves us to where we need to be.  We are lucky that we have the means to choose.  Though its best not to worry about the fine details; little things that reduce the hope of a good present or future.  We need to move from a small view to a bigger perspective.  There can be a lot of weeds stuck in the bed of the ocean.  Above it, we move beyond the sea.  We can see with the eyes of the earth.  There is a bigger picture in life to understand.  In the subjective view, life can be small.  It is good to understand the grain of sand thinking, though the frame of mind should be in the objective perspective to be ahead and keep up with the momentum that can keep us on track with our daily lives.

Photo by Steven Wilcox on Unsplash

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