Participate with Life

Daily life has a kind of magic that shares a glow of inspiration to us.  Only that it is hidden beneath a red curtain just as a good day is hidden by clouds.  How can we open life beyond the visible which makes us look only straight to work and straight back?  After awhile if on the path of the red curtain, there we are seated on the audience floor waiting for the performance to begin.

Everyday, life tries and tries to remember who you are, yet if you are only looking with a pale blank face in return, what would be there?  There is a dialogue that goes on however, it is up to you to either participate or let go of doing only the pressing business, errands, and alike.  Your days could be numbered looking at it horizontally, like only in a side view, 2D side-scrolling.  Always missing the vertical line that tries and tries to show you that life isn’t meaningless will leave you in the dark in the mundane world.

Parents used to say that if a child looks at a television too much, there eyes would grow weak.  However, under this old wise tale is perhaps the biological arrangements of the eyes which could be argued for there are many scientific reviews that debates whether this is true.  What this does do is changes the orientation of the child.  The parents is actually telling the truth though in the instincts sees a problem.  An underlining habit grows beneath that part is true.  A tendency to become fixated onto a screen so close, like a child looking at a television screen all day.  The biology could arrange itself overtime perhaps making the parent yet another justification for bad habits.

Our life can be seen this way if we work everyday doing the same routine only fixated only our own concerns.  These habits begin early just as watching the television so close in the early childhood.  Reiterating our day with the black and white scenes, the colors at the ends of the spectrum, as counting numbers of 1 and 2, there are no chance of decimal points in between.  However, there is color missed between.  Pleasantly left in the bitter sweet of monotony shows the human capability no use of remembering what life is, however only in the mechanisms of rigid days.

As the roads paved in concrete, how will the ground flower, there would be no chance of it?  Only flowering through the cracks that could only happen as the roads grow old with no upkeep.  Its hard to change a habit if only recognizing the mundane living of everyday life.  Actually, not even that.  As life opens its wings, we have a chance to live.

As life opens, you need to be there or you will miss the opportunity that life gives.  Turned away, you will miss the open air.  Don’t forget to participate in life.  Life is sharing to you, be there to reveal the hidden magic that is always in front of you.

Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness. – Rumi

Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

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