The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

There is a Personal Legend within every one of us, however most never know it exist.  The Personal Legend is a deep insight of the inner you.  You can shape a dream to real life.  You can even contact the soul of the world.

How could someone do this?  You need to learn the language of the world.  The world conspires to help you find your Personal Legend.  The universe speaks to you and even guides you.  However, if not pointing yourself to listen, communicate, and follow the guidance in front of you, it would only go about its business and you of course would do the same.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho reveals that we have a Personal Legend within ourselves.  It is like a purpose within the very nature of our soul.

Coelho takes a shepherd boy who knows very well the aspects of herding, cleaning, grooming, even valuing of sheep.  He takes him on an adventure to discover himself.  The road of discovery can be perilous, however it cultivates our spirit and hones our way to a better life.

Maybe you are only a shepherd in some way of life, however knowing only the small world.  There is a chance to discover who you are.

The Alchemist does a great job in rekindling life and our soul.  You can see yourself in reading as the character adventures the nature of life.  You are adventuring together.  You have a communication that is always there.  However, only by shifting your perspective slightly, you can understand it.  When you learn life, not as a mere shepherd, but as an alchemist you can realize the meaning of life, a great spirit within us, and your personal legend.

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