Your Contribution To Your Health

What are you putting in your body to contribute to your health?  What you put in is what you become.  This is meaningful as it makes yourself the way you are. 

Having good health is not too difficult.  However, there are many things that could make it difficult.  In this day and age, as people are becoming more and more aware of their health, they are finding methods to improve their lives much easier.  It keeps ourselves in good shape.  There are sources available to anyone of us to make a well-rounded diet that would help bring a healthier, conscientious, and better life.  The thing is that there are many sources to choose from.  Not only are there these choices, within a product to buy or procedure to perform, there could be another phase of reference like ingredients to a healthy snack which may be composed of a bunch of things that you cannot even pronounce and for heaven’s sake not know.

This then raises the issue of what are you putting in your body.  In terms of foods, some items have fewer ingredients while most have many.  A box could have a few attractive ingredients on the front, however on the back could force upon yourself to read every ingredient, which could be a tongue twister.  There is that expression, “you are what you eat?”  Have you ever looked on the back of a grocery item at the supermarket and read the ingredient list.  Many of the items have all sorts of ingredients.  Depending on the aisle you go to, you can see what you could be buying.  If there are ingredients that are unrecognizable, from there we have to trust that there is a good reliable source.  When analyzing each component, it can take time and effort.  Generally, the control of what is on the box, we just try to make the best discernment we can.  Though time and time again, somewhat of a routine to see only one side, and yet much of the time it is just grab and go.  In this case, the brand, quantity, price etc. on the front of the box becomes accepted entirely just fine as it is. 

With choices to decide on, how do you make sense of the confusion to what you are putting in your healthy way of life?  Let us remind the above statement that what you put in is what you become.  There are many things that could contribute to a better health.  This concerns us all.  There are sources that we know very well that it is good for us.  These do not have many ingredients, though the measure of it depends on your usage.  We can use breathe, water, and exercise to contribute to our health.

The breath is a bit of a mystery though is brought up again and again since ancients periods.  It connects in the organs of our physical and mental parameters, yet pervades beyond to the environment with nature with all the creatures within.  Breathing helps activate our systems to a higher scale.  We have a higher activity with breathing.  Sleeping is about having a lower breath rate in an autonomic state, dormant, and low activity.  It does help with creating a good rhythm for ourselves.  Breathing helps bring our activity up.  It does lower stress, improves immunity, relieves pain, increases energy.  It helps our brain, heart, and whole well being.  Breathing is very good for us.  It helps us in many ways.  Yet, vital for living.  What is really of importance is that breathing helps breathing!  As we put breathing into our lives, we become better breathers. 

Water is a great source we need.  Water goes hand in hand with breathing.  Also, it has benefits that are mutual to breathing.  It doesn’t have as many ingredients as other foods have behind the box.  A good way to be health-conscious physically and mentally is to drink water.  Don’t dehydrate as it could dry you rather quickly reflecting with crackling skin on the surface.  In the morning, drink a glass of water.  Make sure it is a clean glass of water.  Of what you put in your body, you know that a clean glass of water doesn’t have many ingredients as a box of cereal, or a jar of spaghetti sauce, or even a cup of store-bought soup.  Your body will know very well how to distribute what is inside by giving your body a clean source.  While nutrients are very important to help with the whole of your body’s ecosystem, you need it to help yourself to keep up being of good health.  A clean source of water gives yourself the sense to not eat so many other ingredients, foods, or junk food.  The body is already very elaborate.  Instead of feeding it hard to assimilate ingredients probably of somewhat a complexity, give yourself a clean source so as not for to have bad functioning, a hard time, or overall bad health.  What is the majority of your intake?  What is the minority of it?  This is important.  This is not just with foods, it is your whole of being.  What you put in is what you become. 

Exercise keeps up the momentum.  It puts us in action with practice and training.  There is a harmony in us.  When imbalanced, irregularities begin to happen and aches, pains, and stress could develop.  Without a base of consistency of good health, then you might be subjected to unfortunate mishaps of bad health, poor performance, or ill-perception on life.  Exercise is not only lifting weights at the gym.  Looking outside of the box, it is not just physical, it is mental as well.  We can exercise our reading and writing.  We could exercise being with our connection to life, better relationships, and community.  We need to remember that our exercise helps center ourselves in contributing to better health!

The contribution to our health gives us a better life.  There are many ways to help make our lives better.  While it is important for ourselves, we need to not make it too difficult for the arrangement of our health.  Ingredients in the back of a box could have much that may be hard to understand.  It may be fine to have many ingredients.  Though now since you have some awareness of the ingoing and outgoing of activity involved with ourselves, we need to have a better discernment of what qualities we are doing.  These qualities consist of eating, working, recreation, and other activities.  Remember that what you put in is what you become.  Let us contribute to our health and way of life to a better you. 

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