Steady the Moving Mind

There is a serious overload of activity during the day.  Somehow the combination of things to get done can be mountainous.  From one thing to the next, it seems the usual pattern.  There are many victims that have this issue. 

As soon as the alarm wakes you up, you begin the race of the day.  Somehow you gear towards what is next.  A series of activities launch one after the other from getting ready for work, working, going home, and even on breaks you remain on some type of movement. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  At home, there are dozens of things to do and even more so trying to squeeze something else into the morning activities.  Go Go Go!  For some reason, this is the mindset.  Did you forget some R. R.?

Of course, it is very important to do acquired work.  Though, physically and mentally there is the tendency for effects to become attached to us.  Perhaps it could be some byproduct from business affairs, or negligence on health concerns, or among other things.  Issues such as stress are common.  Concerning our body, there is tension, aches, and pains.  These find somehow to add a layer of discomfort to your body.  Misuse could turn into a chronic problem.  And then there are devices which are small.  During breaks, perhaps 15 minutes apart from work, you turn to a device and find out about the latest headlines.  Apparently, you keep the movement of some type going.  Busyness can help, however it has the chance to take over.  Keeping you in the cycle of the movement of the mind.  There are activities that bring meaning.  If unconscious you may be doing things that are meaningless.  This is not all bad, though if it is extreme, you may not know of doing something harsh to yourself.  Where you could remain in the moving mind without knowing.

What is the moving mind?  It is in a state of transition from one thing to next.  And this cycle repeats itself over and over.  While it could spin on constant play of routines, you eventually could have a tendency to move unconsciously outwardly, meaninglessly.

The moving mind is not bad completely.  Yet if not knowing about it and not able to observe, it can take you as the wind takes a leaf wherever it goes or lands. 

What can you do about it?  First of all, observation is necessary.  Realization of these activities at play can release you from common traps.  Though, its good to be honest with yourself with these kinds of things going on.  Your only cheating yourself otherwise.  You can write them in a notebook to help remember what you catch what happened.  Once having some realization, just create some space from the activity.  It could be getting some fresh air away from your business affairs.  You can be going for a walk outside of your office, just make sure you put your devices away.  You can also sit still.

It is necessary to not let the moving mind take hold of you.  You need to put your priority up and make yourself with constant vigilance.  When you come to a point when you realize a lot is going on, just give a moment and let the mind sit still.  You can then return to your work as needed.

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