Processing the Day

During the day, we go through a process from home to work and in between.  While we ought to put our efforts in what is necessary, often we find ourselves doing other things that could deter, fragment, or drain ourselves in the long run of the day.  Therefore suppose the process of our day could break up to micro processes.  Many of them lie between the conjunctions from one task to another and also could be littered throughout.  There are many micro processes between our work and life routine.

Are you always staring at a screen?  Much of the jobs out there are related in some way or another to a computer screen.  However, a screen 14, 20, or 27 inches with a constant staring all day long can cause eye strain, prone to possible posture issues, fatigue, or heaven no to chronic pain.  From a big screen to a little screen about 4, 5, 7, or 8 inches you have the capabilities on handheld devices.  Also, there are the 10 inch tablets that host a multitude of applications at the palm of your hands.  Cellular phones, gps, and other gadgets help us along the processes of our day.  But for there are many chances to pause between work and life as for a chance to explore the vast universe within what can fit in our pockets.

Life can be busy.  There is a constant urge to make life easier.  By doing so, we can stay on top of things.  From one assignment to the another, one can be engrossed in a busy life.  We forget the importance of true rest.  Instead we fill the moments in our life with some feed of electrical impulses of notifications, vibrations, alarms, or headlines etc.  Even during breaks, the minds stays in constant motion as in fourth gear.

What does this do to us?  Over a long period of time, you turn into a machine that greases its bearing on signals, charges, and upgrades to mention of the least.  We remove ourselves from the natural responses of our physical and mental.  During grace periods between things, you can have your senses focused on devices possibly forming bad habits, missed connections, or tune out of important responsibilities.  While working laboriously throughout the day carrying heavy things, breaks could help relieve the physical strain on the body.  However, our mind could be checking the watch for various reports on google, facebook, or other media.  This gives a kind of rest from physical labor, yet the mind triggers various pathways, activating synapses in our brain, which permit neurons to signals etc.  What is heavy is not only with body, but of the mind.  Our mind pulses constantly trying to maintain the rhythm of our central processing, which is the heart.  However, if your center is always away, pressed on whatever pulls you, then you can be subjected to feeding to another.

The arms move not exactly from joint to joint.  There in between is a space so that two parts doesn’t collide, butt-heads, or erode each other.  This is due to a fluid that is between the two joints.  It gives the flexibility to bend, move, and rotate.  This is important, even though it is only a small space from joint to joint in all our body.

The gaps in our body from joint to joint can be synonymous to our everyday from home to work and work to home.  It may be hard to see the picture of the little things of the micro processes of our everyday life when engrossed in something held in your hand at every constant moment.  We must zoom out of the constant forwarding to the next bell that ring to give our body a chance to breath again.  You can breath something digital I suppose, though natural air is much better.

Just noticed the types of activities you are involved during everyday life.  It’s not all bad, however its not all good.  A lot of things are taken to the extreme, however there is a middle ground.  Remember that you only have two hands.  Any more could be a monstrosity.  Sometimes gorest somewhere as it can relieve your stress.  The above is useful information, however it is only information if it is taken on the screen.  It could only be of good use if it is put into practice.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

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