Build Essential

During the recent events of the widespread virus, there has been concerns to lockdown cities so to prevent further spreading.  While that became in place, the city ordinances declared that only essential businesses can be performed.  Non-essential businesses cannot.  This gave a sudden turn of events for many city folk within the city limits.  Since this was in effect with some working and many not, what is the city to do?  They cannot do what they usually do or at least for entertainment such as movie theaters, bars or nightclubs, amusement parks, and other retail.  Well at least not so openly in the public as it was in the recent past.  Well, they could at home think of ways to entertain.  However, the point is to cease the spread of the virus.

During these days, we are asked to live essential.  The question came up of what is essential?  When you look up the meaning of essential you can find the following:

The Essence

Absolutely Necessary

Being such by its very nature or in the highest sense; natural

There are many ways of interpreting the word essential.  However as you understand not just as a word though as a way of living, you can apply it to your life.

Here in this article, I am going to help draw a picture of what it means to be essential.  It could be clear from the beginning.  However, to live essentially is not to be taken for granted.  While the city gave a big nudge only having essential businesses open, this is from the order from the perspective of the city, to the state, and country (come to think of it, it is a world perspective).  We our in this together.  Of this big view, we are followers.  Each doing his or her part to support each other in suppressing the spread of the virus.  We are doing what is necessary so that to control this virus that has been out of hand sweeping our nation and to each community, family, and individual.  Schools, department stores, recreation activities, festivals, dining halls, restaurants, big parks, libraries, places of social gathering, and the list goes on to try to halt the virus of its spread.  This is in the macro scale, yet each and every human being has the means to build essential in there lives so that greater issues don’t have to cause such a bombardment of everyday living.  Thus, we can put our efforts in the right place when the time arises for it.

In the face of the 21st century, the majority of people have access to the world at there fingertips.  Our whole lives are made up of this big cauldron of ingredients.  Some new tech comes out and is thrown into the pot.  Throw in a slice of an app, a dash of designer wares, a quarter tablespoon of home goods, or sprinkle a triple play cable package.  Most people wouldn’t put all kinds of ingredients in a home cooked meal, because after awhile it could throw off your taste buds, or may be become unhealthy, or saturated with something unimaginable.  Have you ever had something with too much salt or too much pepper?  On the other side less?  There is a balance in our diet; this also goes with everyday life.  The 21st century impacts our lives dearly.  We are faced with the challenge to either accumulate whatever that comes into our path, stay away from these concerns, or make proper discerning action to what is real from the false that comes before us.

The big problem of building essential is attaching ourselves to many of activities, this or that, and alike.  Attachment is the root of suffering.  This is put very well by the Buddha.  There could be many reasons for attaching to the next best thing.  Even if it is not the best, attachment clings in some possible way.  It is like something dangling on a string waiting for to make a big catch.  Media online are very illusive in trying to get our attention in some way or another.  Little nibbles might suffice, but unfortunately this only prolongs the urge.  Eventually it could pile up into a monstrosity of urges.  It seems that a good solution is to put some distance from these counterparts.  You can learn that you don’t have to have everything.  Of course on a website, you don’t click on each and every ad as it can cause much delay in your search or divert you to a virus or other schemes.  Just be for a moment, properly knowing what is in front of you.  You can observe it to make sure if it is safe or not.  It’s better not to get personally caught up with these contraptions dangling on string.  You have to look outside of the subjective self for a moment and look into the objective self.  This is in the way of looking from above.  You can decide on the right course of action from here.

It doesn’t have to be perfect!  You don’t want to be too strict in the making of your life.  Somehow when you bring order to your relationship with what is essential, there can be a tendency to follow it to the very T.  This could personify the meaning to go to the very top or in all shape or form you dictate your life so that your own way is the only way.  The human body has an interaction that is common to this.  In our body between the joints there is synovial fluid that helps make it move without clunking, grinding, or causing damage to the joints.  Bone onto bone doesn’t work so well.  There is more in the picture, though our body knows what works so that our joints can help move our arm to help move our hand.  You just have to know what is essential to you without having too much weight burdening your daily life.

To Build Essential needs an active following of the right from the wrong.  Putting your essential responsibilities together can show you what you need to do while not faltering to something of another.  Just listen to yourself.  Compare with yourself in the present.  You don’t have to make a quick judgement ignoring insight in building essential.  Just check it and make sure you are in the right direction.  

When you live essential, you have a better chance of not getting stuck in a rut, you can be able to see what is going on in your life in the moment, as well as not have to worry about too much occurring.  You can make decisions without having a huge weight gluing you to the spot.  Have you ever went backpacking traveling abroad?  The backpack helps in so many ways and helps you live day by day.  Though, when you travel you can only carry so much.  Therefore, the essential makes the difference between the needs and wants.  When are traveling, there are times when someone tries to sell you something.  Buying it, you then store it in your backpack.  After awhile if buying more, you feel the weight burdening yourself.  It’s a bit tough to handle all the bulkiness.  It’s probably not a good idea to abuse your backpack as it can carry your stuff for you.  If it breaks, what are you to do?  You can only carry so much having 2 arms, 2 hands, 10 fingers, perhaps shoulders, and a neck to carry with straps, by itself, or some other idea you can think of.  I’m sure you can be clever, however its much to bear when not having the equipment to help you on your journey.  Note to self, be essential when traveling.  This is when you can really practice essential living.

Always remember that building your life can affect your integrity of self.  Make sure you are honest and keeping it real, not playing around so that not to mix with the essential means of what really matters to you.

These can be difficult at times for us all.  Much of us can be unprepared for the matters of life if ignoring an organized manner prioritizing the essential from the non-essential.  Though we all have the means to build essential.  We need to use this to our advantage so that not to have difficulty stumbling on greater parts of life.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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