Order and Chaos

To be honest, the preference of an ordered life is much better than of chaos.  However if living in only one side of the story, how can we see the other?

The chaos is a kind of unsystematic approach where there is no design but bits and pieces that stir the pot.  Suppose there is a pot of boiling water, all the ingredients float around from whatever that was thrown in the mix.  The perturbed heat swirls components around with exchanges between matter and liquid.  Each ingredient has its taste.  Its there for a reason.  Eventually it figures what is soluble, hard, or some degree in the middle.  Some pieces retain its form, while others blend in with the mix.

While, just before might be the view of chaos in a small scale approach.  When you look at yourself, don’t look so narrow that you see the moving parts as felt as flustering debris going about.  Sometimes there is a reason for it.  If you get caught in the web of this scheme, you might have a problem.  You have to look outward, sometimes a little to see what hand was dealt.  If you don’t, then you might cause difficulty in the long run or short term.  Compose yourself and understand the mixture a bit.

Yet looking from above, the recipe calls for certain mixtures to make a well rounded dish.  Usually there is no waste of ingredients, when each are measured appropriately.  Certain mixtures go well with each other.  It is kind of a harmony.  You have to know the intense flavors and the subtle too, just so the overall mixture doesn’t become distasteful.

There is good reason that we are human.  We have the ability to be wise, having experience, knowledge, and judgement in our actions.  It is fortunate to be able to make a choice whether for order or chaos.  Though humans are not animals running free range across the lands, we can discern our environment, the happening of circumstance, and ourselves.  We can choose either to add to the chaos or let it be.

Perhaps there is a bigger picture.  Or if its tough to see, you don’t have to have your head boiling like the pot.

Chaos could be a matter much greater than our own.  Holding on a childish view priding in a tiny perspective of life, you may miss the point.

In times of struggle, its good to be honest and realize the matter at hand.  Then you could be in the harmony of yourself, whether it is order or chaos.

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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