Courage to Move

Suppose life throws a curve ball at you and you wonder what to do? Just this happened to all of us worldwide as the COVID 19 epidemic swept the world from our lives to ponder what would come of us. In a sudden halt, much was left in a waiting room bewildered on how to live. When there is time that there seems nothing can be accomplished, what do you do?

It’s hard to see what an outcome is if you are not looking around on some possible options. During the pass few weeks, it is like life stopped itself in its tracks. However, what track are you on? I like to see some other possible ways of living. In the busy life, it was difficult to do something else because we were so focused on our jobs, work, and life. However, now its slowed down immensely, because the components of jobs and work is left out of the picture for many of us.

Life doesn’t move as how jobs or work moves. Since it slowed quite a bit, how about going on a different perspective. We are not as busy or moving in a fast pace environment, we just need to be in the perspective to engage ourselves (this is where courage comes along).

Even though the COVID 19 could seem as a bane to our lives, engrossing yourself in this type of thinking doesn’t have a good advantage to better yourself. How about that it is a challenge to positive thinking. It is a way to challenge ourselves from either survival skills, engagement, or valuing life. The choice of living is up to you. We should use this time wisely and have courage to move ourselves if not externally, internal movement.

Sometimes what falls on your lap could be the saving grace to put you where you need to be. Seeing this as a test gives you the courage to attempt any possible means to better living. Of course, have a good sense of judgement, being harmonious, and accordance to others in respect. It’s not about making amazing improvements, though the subtleties are what is important. Each limb of the body however big only moves with the joints. It is what is within you that matters.

Be safe and take care. – TLH

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

– Vincent Van Gogh

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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