Discovering Who You Are in Life

There is a discovery of who you are in life. However, this process takes knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to go beyond what lies behind you or what lies in front of you. You need to go within to find this truth.

However, its difficult to start searching for who you are with no means of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. You start naked though you find pieces to the mystery little by little.

There is an internal and external discovery. Internal is within yourself and external is outside of yourself. There is a difference between internal and external. This is that internal doesn’t need more than what you have. External is extra beyond you. The understanding of the fundamentals is important. Ultimately, the discovery is internal while external will just lead you to other territories.

Before you start with the internal and external, you should go through a process of cleaning. In Greek times, disciples would go through a process cleaning. Sweeping the dust in the hallway, they are not in the main lectures or joining discussions or participating in forums. They would observe the incoming and outgoing thoughts, the way of life, and follow good examples. In this meditative process, it has a great importance. You are able to listen. Some sounds are not loud at all. Though you can listen to sounds of even the soul.

Though, external discovery can be useful too. Just like going to the mountains during a cold winter season, you have to wear a jacket, scarf, and mittens to keep yourself warm. However, the problem with external is that it changes from who you are internally. Just as the seasons change, the winter changes to the spring, to summer, and fall. The cycle repeats itself. Though you just need a good sense of what to wear during the change.

We are all subject to the seasons, but beyond this is your maturity. Though as you age, you can be subject through different times, trends, or periods. This is the reason why external factors play a big importance in our lives.

Since you understand the external, our internal process is needed. It is where you can really get a good sense of who you are. You can put the right pieces together. The integrity of yourself becomes stronger. You can know your strengths and weaknesses. You learn about virtues and faults. You can hone yourself to a point so that you can see who you truly are. This is where true knowledge begins.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

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