The Blind Men and the Elephant

One contributes only a piece meanwhile we share the bigger picture…

A group of blind men heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the town, but none of them were aware of its shape and form. Out of curiosity, they said: “We must inspect and know it by touch, of which we are capable”. So, they sought it out, and when they found it they groped about it each made a discovery.

The first person, whose hand landed on the trunk, said, “This being is like a thick snake”.

For another one whose hand reached its ear, it seemed like a kind of fan.

As for another person, whose hand was upon its leg, said, the elephant is a pillar like a tree-trunk.

The blind man who placed his hand upon its side said the elephant, “is a wall”.

Another who felt its tail, described it as a rope.

The last felt its tusk, stating the elephant is that which is hard, smooth and like a spear.

They started to listen and collaborate to “see” the entire elephant. The blind men then learned that they were all partially correct and partially wrong. While one’s subjective experience is true, it may not be the totality of truth.

We share the truth amongst each other.

In the partial view on ourselves, we only see life in a small world. There could never be an understanding of the greater picture without moving beyond a small box view. Confined to seeing the world in a few colors, which unfortunately doesn’t have much truth to it, belittles yourself to a limited amount of possibilities.

Though to see the bigger picture, we need to step into the unknown.

Fortunately, we have family, friends, and neighbors to help us in our journey.

To each is a path. There in it is the opportunity to step beyond a fixed understanding. While this journey is done alone, stepping through your threshold to the unknown is not alone with others.

When you are able to step beyond one side of the story, you can start seeing life from above. While at first it may be unfamiliar, eventually the pictures shows itself. You can start seeing the composition, stories that intertwine, and view points which justify the cause.

The wise can take many years of knowledge and wisdom that defines there very being. Throughout there lives, they can see the greater view on life. However, they should know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, truth and false. While times do change, the material world becomes fleeting to a different era. Knowing what is timeless and eternal through this period is important.

While one can see a small picture viewing of life, the truth is within the many.

Photo by Parsing Eye on Unsplash

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