Work of Art

There is a work of art that we all have the ability to do. Art has a diverse range in the expression of the human potential. It involves creating visual, auditory, and performance. However it is not limited to only these categories. It is within the creator’s imagination, conceptual ideas, or technical skills that express the power of beauty, emotion, and spirit.

Art is a form of communication. It gives a coordination of meaning within its activities. The meaning has the potential to touch beyond the material to the spiritual. Though the message depends on its form. An example is through a painting. Each time an artist picks up his painting utilities and puts it on the canvas, art is born.

Though the way of communication is important. Suppose there is a painting such as a Van Gogh Painting. There is a message in it from the artist’s intent. The viewer gives a moment of there life to receive it and the art communicates to the viewer in a deep way. The art does matter. If the art is a swing of the brush that sprays the canvas with paint. It could be hard to determine.

From Tradition to the Modern times, there has been a development of art in a radical way. Though while all this is happening, it is important to look at the essence. It is the root. Don’t forget the artist’s intention. It is a communique of message to you that transcends the material to the spiritual.

Expressing Art gives a chance to open up a natural talent. When you have honed yourself with practice, hardwork, and effort, you can give an opportunity to express art in a natural way. Beginners go through trial and error trying to control their art. Though when becoming experts, you understand mistakes can happen. When your natural talent can be able to come about, you can express art in the way you have been honing yourself.

A good piece of art can open up a message in a new way, just depending on the perspective you see it. Each day you are living, our perspective on life changes. It is subtle, though it happens. When it does, we can mature into the communication of art. As knowledge and wisdom grows, you can find meaning that touches far beyond just a mere painting on a wall.

Art connects by crossing a bridge to each of us. It is connection.

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

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