Using Our Minds Well

There are many elements that could make up a good mind. It could be comprised of virtue, proficient in subjects, knowledgeability, attentiveness, active in memory, strength of intelligence, intuition, willful, contemplative, imaginative, enlightened, perseverance, determined. The list can go on. However, the conduit is the means to use it.

There is an inward and outward interaction within the mind, intelligence, and the psyche. The mind being the physical brain, intelligence is the progressive knowledge, and psyche is a higher aspect involving consciousness. Thus, there is a constant movement just as the arteries and veins give a circulation to the heart.

Any stagnation over a long time would likely impede the movement and lead to a kind of dullness, lethargic tendency, or a bewilderment in darkness.

Just imagine that there is a big stream of conscious activity that is present. It could be a highway if it helps. This stream leads to our potential and guides us on the right path that we have to be on. While you are following a path you can have a choice. However, the choices are between using yourself toward your potential or not. If you remain in your potential, you can use your mind, intelligence, and psyche toward it. Being active in it helps. However, the potential of life is very flexible. Therefore, your choices can be limitless. Anyhow, the worst is to do nothing.

To use our mind well, it takes daily effort just. It shouldn’t be difficult to understanding the importance of daily effort. It is just as a seed when planted needs watering. It needs nourishment. By and by, the plant is in constant growth. It could seem like a plant is not moving if looking with your eyes exteriorly around the green of the seedling, to a sprout, then a plant. Within, it is moving little by little. Our mind moves and acts in this way. The brain develops, enlarges, and increases in complexity. Though intelligence sparks the synapses delivering messages and connections. The psyche is even deeper, however it is related to the above aspects. Through the process, we need to understand that there is a meaningful movement of activity. Though each part is giving to the other.

Our life is filled with opportunities, it would try again and again to challenge us into fulfillment of our purpose. Though sometime it may pass, it would eventually come again to give yet another. As life keeps trying, we need to catch these moments to bring a good mind in use.

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well. – Rene Descartes

Photo by David Monje on Unsplash

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