Investigating Memory

There is an issue in defining ourselves on the way of life and nature.  It is kind of an enigma if you don’t have a fundamental grasp of reality and how things work.  There can be a challenge to know where it is to start if in case to have questions about life?  And what makes us who are?

Though between eastern and western philosophy, I started asking questions about life.  Looking deep within the self, to find answers on what makes us human, the meaning of life, and existence.

The both sides have different angles and opinions towards what make of who we are.   You can see the similarities of each type as you continue along.  However, there is something the two have in common.  It is how we process information.  And looking at the root of this, where does the it come from?

It seems as a tangible source is memory.  It is something that we can grasp and understand how it is formed.  Though memory can be deeply rooted in our intellect, psychology, and consciousness.  For instance, the books you read growing up has a correlation to the way you think now.  Its likely to have something to do with the logic or artistic thinking patterns.  If you read harvard classics, you are likely to have a high inteligence in today’s standards.  Otherwise, lower forms of education could cause a defiency.  It is really about the food source that reinforces your memory.  Hence, this reinforces the way you think.  Therefore, reinforces who you are today.

This is really only an aspect of how we can describe who we are.  Though, it is a way to put in the right foods to help our upbringing.

In an analysis in understanding the process of who we are, suppose there in front of us one of two rectangular objects.  Either it is watching a TV or reading a book.  When you have the two side by side, you can see there is a difference in quality in the process into memory.  In a TV, there is alot of information on the screen that you are following.  While there are objective information like the main character saving the day, there are many subjective components that are there too in the background.  So you are taking in all kinds of information.  In a book you are more concentrated point to point using your comprehensive abilities which does exercise your memory better.

Even though Aristotle puts it very well how our ‘memory is the scribe to the soul,’ Buddha does put it well too that ‘what you think is what you become.’  Though we can just make it as the food you put in your memory is the quality you become.

There is an importance to knowing who we are that can take us out of the enigma of abstraction.  Though, we need to start somewhere.  There are many questions in life.  However, it resides in the way we think.  Though to put precisely to the topic of this article, it in the way we remember.

Memory is the scribe of the soul. – Aristotle

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