The Spirit of Love and Christmas

Once a year we have a reminder of love.  It is a whole season dedicated into the spirit of a connection that is in giving and receiving.  Though love can be beyond material if you look at it in its’ essence.  Though we are given a chance to bring love a shape or form.  This is the spirit of christmas.

Why is that we have one year to remember the spirit of love?  Love is given all year long.  However when there is a time that is dedicated toward it, we can establish a consistent reminder, establishing a relationship.  We is not just the I.  Even that each individual can love, it is that we as a society and world can remember this inherently.  Sometimes love can be diminished through difficulty or injustice.  However Christmas gives us the remembrance what love means.  It keeps the connection between you, I, and us.  

Looking within, we can see that love is beyond shapes and forms.  Inside there is the inner nature of love.  It is a union with our divinity and spirit.  Love is represented from the heart.  Though it is expressed in different ways.  It is only an expression of the heart.  We just need to look within.  Look within yourself as you give a present.  You will give it in the spirit of love.

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas. – Dale Evans

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