A Look Into the Mind

There are many paths in life, however the choice is up to you.  While you can have your eyes fixed on the goal, the state of mind you are in determines the progress and comfortability of the task you are endeavoring.  A mind that is distracted toward various things can be prone to more weight than it can handle.  If it is not so much, you can cross a mountain of thoughts with ease.  If it is heavy, you can have a painstaking task ahead of you.  The opposites in the polarities can be monumentous, which can affect your overall perseverance, motivation, and effort.  Distracted and fixed in mindset, you may miss the obvious in your mobility in life.  

Suppose your state of mind is a platform.  Just thinking about the literal road in life, you need to be careful of the path you are traversing along.  Is it straight and narrow?  Is it windy?  Is it full of switchbacks?  What is the type of terrain?  Or…  is it a rock stuck in your shoe?

The mind can be subjected to various activities which may or may not be what you want.  You could be writing a report however when a distraction comes along, you may mistake your attention toward it.  It could be physical, emotional, related to stress, or perhaps a disfunction.  It is gathering dust that is prohibiting your field of vision.  A cloud of distractions comes by and instead of doing the task at hand, you follow the cloud.  

All it is, is a path that could take an alternate route.  It is like crossing the street and a parade comes by.  It would be funny to rather follow the parade instead of your task at hand.

Our emotions, if not understood, could change your state of mind very easily.  Anger and hatred are temperaments that could derail your attention.  Eventually, it could cause yourself to be subjected to an alternate route.  Forever fussing and fretting promotes the tiny mind.  

You can realize where your attention is drawn.  It is just by watching what is shown to you.  Though it is hard to see at the very moment, instead objectively you can see.  When you see the bigger picture, you can know what paths are good or bad.  You simply need to realize it and know it.  It is like the question of Knowing Thyself.  This is an ancient way of discovering Who you are.  You can see yourself deeply and understand that some thoughts are not useful.  Some thoughts are only a play to emotions or distractions or something entirely different.

The change happens outside of self too.  In the new age of the modern boom, it is becoming easier and easier to access something readily available.  These are things outside of you.  Your assignment could be to write a report.  However when you access a computer or device, there are many channels of engagements that try to grab your attention.  You can change your being into consuming whatever app that is readily available in that instant while more and more grabs your attention, your purpose becomes less and less.  Eventually, you lose time, effort, and ect taking an alternate route.

The state of your mind is important, yet we need to look at what course you are taking to endeavoring towards your purpose rather than what takes you away from it.  Make sure it is within your need.  If it is outside of it, just look inwards.  It’s fine to venture about, just don’t abuse yourself to various injunctions.  You are constantly reminding yourself of your purpose.  Make sure you are filling yourself with good ideas that contribute towards your need.

For mind is like a mirror, it gathers dust while it reflects.  It needs the gentle breezes of soul wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions. – Helena Blavatski

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