It’s difficult to find the purity in life since fashioned in renditions of impurities.  Hence, we need to look in it’s original form to reveal purity.  Take silk for instance.  Purity is derived from the raw and unrefined silk.  In it’s original form, it can be depicted of several threads from the cocoons of silkworms found on the branches of the mulberry tree (1).  Silk does go through a meticulous process in gathering silkworms, harvesting cocoons, thread extraction, dyeing, spinning, weaving, and finishing (2).  

However, purity is within the mask that surrounds it.  Described is the manufacturing of silk, yet it goes on further to creating a beautiful, delicate, and lustrous material.  The process takes form even further in proofing through chemical treatments such as to become fire resistant or crease proofed.  Once a roll of silk is made, then other materials can be involved.  

Our lives is not as perfectly made by the meticulous process of making silk, nevertheless it is a combination of the natural evolution as well as with others and ourselves.  When there is a process, it can be defined.  Though, manufacturing can be complicating.  Just step back for a moment and observe life moving in front of you.  You can reflect and contemplate on the ideas of life much better this way by giving breathing room.  You can take a step in understanding the mix of things in life in this way.

When trying to find purity, the big picture does need a natural movement.  There is a natural purity.  It’s difficult to control the heading of circumstances around you at times.  Just look above and you can see what elements that are interacting around.  Follow your heart in what you need to accomplish.

While life does put you where you need to be, work within yourself.  Fill in the necessary.  This is a way to find purity. 


1. The Tao of Power, A New Translation of the Tao Te Ching by R.L.Wing, Main Street Books, 1986.

2. How is Silk Made? A Step By Step Guide, Biddle Sawyer Silks, www.biddlesawyersilks.com

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