Coherent to Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge is everywhere, but only what shrouds it is the inability to give or receive it.  To connect wisdom and knowledge first comes with understanding and then to bridge it.  It’s just that all the information out there is flying about like loose ends of a string at the end of a rope.  The only exception is that the rope is not intertwined and single strands just lie loosely all over and abroad. 

While many times, just witnessing the beauty is enough.  However, the idea is that we can be learning something new if willing to ‘open our eyes and ears’.  This is a metaphor to open yourself up to see what is possible in front of you.  There is always an opportunity to catch wisdom and knowledge, though you are the wielder of this power.  

First of all, you need to get out of the torrent of the run of the mill lifestyle.  This is seeing things before technicolor when things were black and white.  Besides happiness, your mind is in a run of the mill lifestyle which is set in a basic mode just getting things done for mere survival in everyday life.  This is then setting you apart from real emotion, feeling, and being alive.

Second when you are turned on, you not in the background anymore but the foreground where you can be active in communication.  This is important because if not active, you can be missing out on so much opportunity in life.  After a long time in a mode hidden from the world, you may digress in the comforts of an inactivity zone.  When you turn the lights on, you can engage with others.  Though when you do so, remember to be aware of your actions.  Communication is a coherent connection.  I can be respected highly.  And to give and receive it properly needs you to be awake.  Otherwise, you will miss the colors of the world, life, feeling, and opportunities.  

Third is to apply discernment in giving wisdom and knowledge to others.  This application is necessary so that misinformation doesn’t cloud judgement or cause confusion.  

After the third, you are in it giving through the cycle of wisdom and knowledge that is available to you now.  Though a further step is to be constantly engaged in being alive to life, beauty, and meaning.  Engaging is one thing, however the point is that repetition creates more of an authentic delivery.  Then, we can value what is before you.

Wisdom and knowledge are the most valuable things in the body. – Masayoshi Son

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