3 Things Fundamental to Living

After traveling several countries, I have realized 3 things fundamental laws to living.  First of all is that life is always moving.  Second is that we can carry only so much.  Third is that your attitude is essential to gratitude. 

During traveling to several countries, I have pondered the idea of discovering the meaning of life.  It is hard to understand life because it is so big.  Though with a pocket sized notebook and a pencil, I studied life in a daily basis.  Life revealed to me little by little.  In a way, it was like a compass pointing my spirit where to go.  We need this as it guides us through sometimes perilous journeys.

You can start simply just by asking yourself a question.  From there you will unveil just a bit of life to understand.  Since I was traveling, I didn’t have a whole bunch of jobs to do.  Hence, my primary focus can just concentrate on the investigation of life.  

As I was traveling from country to country, I realized that we were all moving.  It could be from one country to another, or going from subject to subject, or finding a destination, yet life keeps moving still around you.  

When you are traveling, you can only carry so much.  It is a good idea to just bring what you need.  After carrying a hiking backpack for awhile, you can realize what is useful or not.  At home, just look at yourself at what you are using on a daily basis.  You can see what is essential to you.  Then, when you see yourself objectively, you will know what you need or not.

The last thing I realized is that the attitude can be the greatest.  Throughout your whole journey, the attitude you bring is the source of happiness for yourself and others.  And it could help inspire you to write good insights during your journey too.

When studying life, you can understand how it works. – TLH

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