Yourself Now Beyond the Temporary

There is a manner of appearance not just the clothes you have or a shiny car or things you may come across in a material attire. These things don’t last. They are temporal and change between your likes and dislikes.

Literately, you may want a new shirt, though after a week, you notice a tear. It’s not perfect and looks as if its lost its appreciation. Then you look for something more to your pleasing.

This is a normal response during these modern times, yet it is only putting attention on a temporary aspect of yourself.

When you respect yourself in a deeper way, putting your attention not by just a material aspect, you can go beyond the temporal exchanges that happen during everyday life.

While everyday life happens just as it does, it is not something to fixate your needs vs wants for an instant gratification or that of minor issues because respecting yourself should be put in a higher sense.

Though it is good to listen to your higher sense, as it filters through the normal activity. Instead of going after a fleeting desire, you can orient yourself to your inner need.

To start, rightly define what you really need. Distinguish between the common fixations of material desires or such as needs versus wants or other things that are not in your higher sense. Don’t get distracted by these things. Though, try to circle your attention around your higher need. Keep it centered. It doesn’t have to go straight to the goal. Flexibility helps to not be so rigid.

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