The Lighthouse From Within

The sea of human life is anything but the ordinary in the eyes of an adventurer.  However, the horizon is something different from the usual.  It is more than just a crossing of a line between the sea and sky.  It is diving into the unknown.

Each and everyday, we are moving through life.  With each stride, there is a need to be prepared for the journey ahead as it is like a ship adventuring life.  

Oh and Life can be huge and it is filled with many obstacles.  While there are days of success, we can find the greatest achievements like getting a diploma, or landing a new job, or better yet starting a family.  All of these and more are great goals that a person can achieve.  However, between the beginning and end are the trials that life tests us.

During the adventure, we need to activate our lighthouse from within.  It sheds the light of the stormy seas of human life.  There is much that could happen trial by error in the beginning, though we can overcome it with perseverance and strength.  The inner lighthouse gives a light that can determine when it is too much or too low.  You see just right.

The Light of Consciousness

A famous philosopher, Rene Descartes quoted “I think therefore I am”.  Yet this brings the importance of our thinking process.  And it goes around the idea of the “I am”, which raises the question of consciousness.

Well, to understand consciousness, you have to look under the surface.  Though find something fundamental to it. 

There within us is a light within our consciousness.  Though this light is only active when you will it.  It provides light to see through the darkness, stormy seas, the unknown, and life itself.

In our mind is the ability to understand the deeply rooted relationship with our everyday experiences.  Though much of the time, it can be susceptible to lie dormant on the surface ignorant to itself and could be swept away by doubt, struggles, misfortune, or other circumstances.  

Though when you are aware of the light of consciousness, you can investigate the hidden psyche.  

The light of consciousness circulates around our thought.  Consciousness is defined as awake or aware of one’s surroundings.  What are we being aware of?

There is a story of an islander who looked at the sea and was amazed to see three mountains that magically appeared one day.  It so happens that the three mountains were three ships.  Since the islander didn’t know about ships, it mistook it for mountains.  Each day, the islander revisited and observed the mountains.  However each day, the mountains changed. It was going through a transformation.  And one day, it revealed itself as three ships.  There is a mystery here.  Yet, this shows us the mysterious relationship that our mind can make.  It goes through a process of understanding as it gathers into deep cognition.  When able to distinguish between the mountains and ships, that is when consciousness can be born.  

This is the process of being awake.  

Differences in a Bigger Picture

When our consciousness is raised, we can see that there are differences in a bigger picture.  Though this enables us the ability to distinguish.  Then you can understand how a mountain can change into a ship.  

In the story of our lives, we can see that our consciousness activates a higher sense in knowing the relationship between our surroundings.  From the chain of events that happen during our daily life, you can tell whether something is good or bad, true or false, worth pursuing, or could lead to difficulties.  

It is that orientation, in our thought process that changes the big picture relationship.  While working hard on one thing, you can see an expanded view around it that you might potentially go toward.  You spot a challenge and take the opportunity to pursue it.  With your lighthouse activated, you can spot the differences of pursuits. 

Lighting a Path Through Darkness

In the midst of the dark, it is very difficult to see.  A ship crossing a storm can be faced with great difficulties.  The perilous journey’s could be more fundamental than this.  Just like in the seas, there are times when you are trying to navigate in the dark.  While other times, the days could be just like a blank stare upon the ocean’s surface.  Isn’t it just another type of obstacle.

When you activate the lighthouse from within you, you can cross through great storms by being a better captain of a ship.  You can see through the dark by following the patterns of the stars.  You can sail through the day in knowing the winds.  

Courage and Strength

When you have the courage to move forward, you need strength too.  The strength needs inner strength from the start.  These build through your values, virtues, knowledge, and wisdom.  When there is an opportunity, you need to meet the challenge.  On and on until you are able to swim.  Just as a warrior in the adventure of life seeks to fulfill its potential, there will be challenges ahead of you.  

By fortifying your inner strength, look into your values and virtues deeply.  The observation is key.  Get to know yourself better, you can understand a great deal.  You will find out your faults, though you can see what values and virtues to put in place.  Keep up your inner strength fortifying until you are through the initials barriers that is held by your own.  The practice in strength and courage can move beyond obstacles or insecurity that may cloud your vision.

Beyond Fear of the Unknown

You will never know what is beyond the surface by fear.  Adventurers will encounter limitations, though don’t look back at doubt and ignorance.  You need to activate your lighthouse so you can distinguish the horizon between the sea and sky.  This is when you can chart your path.  When you can find the courage again and again, you can move beyond the line between what you know and what you don’t know.  This will help give birth to your consciousness anew.  Though, it needs you to go beyond doubt and ignorance.  When you are able to withstand such a threshold, you can transcend uncertainty into the potential that you have always had.  

When you have built yourself over the long road ahead, you may find that life has also become much more.  Just as a sailor crosses over the great sea, it’s bound to find deterrents just like a big storm, raging waters, problems with the boat, or even rations.  These are obstacles that are too great for the average person.  Though you need to look above.  Be objective.  This helps you navigate the waters to make it through untouched by elements that may hinder the adolescent mind.  

The Lighthouse Pierces the Unknown

Life is a mystery, but to dare to be the adventurer is the opportunity to pierce through the veils of darkness.  

There within us is the lighthouse that can enable you to see through the challenges of life and fulfill your destiny.  

The journey ahead is a dauntless battle, though with worthwhile triumphs and tribulations you can activate the inner spirit that can fight on and on.

Investigate life and practice the meaning that is within yourself, your inner self.  This will keep you in the truest form you can be: coherent to purpose, following life hand in hand with truth, learning the ways to be honest with yourself, where you become the beacon of light revealing the potential and fulfillment that is aligned with your heart and soul.

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