What path will you choose today?

What path will you choose today? Each day is a new beginning where we can decide what is necessary in our lives. As life unfolds, there are already paths that are placed as markers that lead to a potential. There are many markers that you placed, or some of others. Though, these markers are pressed upon your journey in life so make sure it is worth it.

Its better not to chase a temporal aspect of ourselves and choose what helps you not cause a distraction. While there could be detours to release some tension. Though keep on track so to not veer off course.

You are essentially what you devote yourself to. As you make your way to life, you need to observe, understand, and allow yourself worth.

Our worth is what we devote our energy to. – Marcus Aurelius

Through reflection and contemplation, we can dive deep within life not just the surface, but looking within ourselves in psyche, mental, and spiritual.

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