The Symbol of a Tree

The tree of life grows with a natural beauty from the roots all the way to the top. Its essence allows the roots to form in the ground to reach as far as possible to better catch nutrients to provide for the tree itself. The body is raised high so that it is protecting its branches, leaves, and fruits so its not easily swept away. The branches, twigs, leaves, and all the other components protect the most beautiful of the tree itself.

The flowers and the fruits are the results of the tree itself. One gives its form sharing by sight, a beauty that touches our imagination within us. The other puts its beauty in a form to share its nutrients to help bring life to another.

The most beautiful is ephermal, lasting for a short time. Though, it returns after each season. It is there to impart a beauty giving a vital source to another again and again.

In looking at a tree, it essentially life itself. To give a deep appreciation to life, reflect and contemplate how the symbol of a tree grows in your life. Also, appreciate the nature affinity that is around us.

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