Storms in the Mind

Sometimes the mind is full of noise which clouds the judgement.  Some causes could lead to baffling storms in the mind, thoughts coming and going without ceasing, and thinking with a disarrayed misunderstanding.

This phenomenon is within the natural means and limits of life within a storm itself.  Clouds can push intense sounds around.  Bangs and crashes collide overhead.  Huge amounts of extreme temperature fluctuate inside these torrents.  

The brain also looks like a cloud in a way.  It is meshed with 100 billion nerves communicating to trillions of connections called synapses.  The synapses pass chemical or electrical signals which fire just like the storms in a cloud.  Though finding how it works completely is still a mystery to men even now days.

Though a cloud of thunder and lightning can break a house with its powerful force.  However, there is a lightning rod on a house that can protect from this incredible power.  The rod gives a direction to channel its energy to the ground it.

The mind needs breath and depth to point it toward truth, however it needs to be grounded to channel it.  Without grounding it, it would fire wildly and may leave you in abstraction.

How can we ground it?  We can put the focus on something useful.  Rather than leaving it to flux in the mind, form these patterns toward something good.  You can use art, drawing with a pencil on paper, you can read a book or write in a journal.  There are dozens of ways to use your imagination toward something good.

You just need to find a way to harness that mind energy and channel it to good use.  It doesn’t have to remain trapped in a cloudy mess.  You can use it right now and help bring a resolve for any indifferences.

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