How to Give Meaning to Life?

There is a meaning to life that started from a birth of a star. The star traveled through many histories to reach to this point. The star gave life to our earth. From the earth, histories were able to grow. It is a gift from life itself. The earth gave life through plants, sky, mountains, creatures, and to our humanity.

Life gave to us the opportunity to live, grow, and share the possibilities to others. It is also the challenges, difficulties, success, and failures. Though life is always there to give. Are we there to listen to the lessons of life? Are we there to help life as life helped us?

There is a healthy practice that can help appreciate life’s journey and giving our support for its just cause. Though in actuality it gives the respect we can have with life hand in hand.

This is a way to practice our love for life. You can give your awareness to what you are eating. It can have a history. It didn’t just appear from thin air. It came from a long line in history through development and nurturing.

Think of life at the very beginning just as the birth of a star.

It starts with space, then air goes around it, then fire emanates from it, following with water, then earth forms. Imagine this process in your mind. As it turns, our earth builds mountains and trees. Then farms cultivate, people working on the farms. When it gets harvested, it gets distributed to stores. Then you come up to it and put it in your cart. When you take it home, you prepare it. At the table, it is there and you put it in your hands.

By imagining this, you are giving meaning to the history of life. Life deserves it. It went through all this for us, for you..

You can imagine this process and it will give the appreciation for life. Life gives meaning. Though really giving the opportunity to put meaning in life. We can be working with life and give care to it.

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