Struggles in Obesity and Weight Loss

There are some common issues that are faced during our daily lives whether we face it or leave it.  One of the most common issues that people can struggle with is obesity and weight loss.  How do you recognize it?

There is a person who went to a foreign country.  She had a significant difference in weight loss.  How did it happened?  In America, it is common that every household, at least what seems, to have a microwave or a conventional oven.  It so happens that she had lost 50 pounds for not doing a thing.  But actually it is what she did not have.  How is that possible? 

She started wondering why and notice some changes in her diet.  Could it be the way she was cooking?  She cooked everyday on a pan or skillet.  It so happens where she was living, there was no microwave.  There was only a stove top and burner.  She was cooking healthy foods which takes a bit of time, though put in a good way to make nutritious foods. 

In a microwave, just under a minute, the microwave produces the food.  Its a ready accessible food source that we can eat.  The nutrient is the same, but the quality goes into a different state.  The answer is how accessible is food these days and how we can lose the appreciation of what we eat.

In our mind, there is a psychology.  This psychology develops a habit.  A habit grows and increases over time.  However, the habit in this case, is that food is very much easily accessible.  You get what you want when you want it.

What is in the psychology that you are developing?  Is it to have an easily accessibility, instant gratification, taste, filling yourself, satifaction, or some other means.  There are numerous reasons to cause fluctuations concerning obesity and weight loss.

Taste perhaps is in the mouth, though it does concern the psychology.  Suppose you are eating something spicy hot.  You love the taste as it goes in your mouth and it rolls through your tongue which goes through various sensations from spice, heat, and after effects.  However when it reaches your stomach, there is a different story.  Your stomach has some discomfort.  There are various types of tastes from sugar to salt and etc.  If you deviate what works with our body, we will definitely have discomfort.  And this could lead to obesity and problems with weight loss. If you don’t do anything at all, you will definitely have these problems.

Over time, when this happens there is a chance to have an overload on your food consumption or calorie count or habitual diet.  These problems are the consequences on improper diet.  How are you treating yourself?  If you only care about what goes in the mouth for taste etc, then you surely have bad consequences on your diet. What you put in is what you become. So try to put in good foods.

While there could be problems with the accessibility of food and the taste, there are solutions.  There are already solutions that you have read before, however you just need to apply it in your life.  Though act on what is good for you

Did you know that there is so much sugar inside soda?  A soft drink could have 38 grams of sugar.  Some people drink soda so much that they are unaware of there body.  When you drink soda without knowing the contents of what you are drinking you will surely lead yourself to unhealthy levels. 

Instead, it recommended to have a more subtle drink.  Drinking water is a great way to kick the soda consumption aside.  It can surely help to greatly decreases the amount of soda consumption.  Though it does require a big effort on your part.  You need to follow through.  

Suppose it is too much for you to change so fast on your diet.  While you can say something, the body and mind can say otherwise in which it is not use to the new changes. 

The challenge is to develop your psychology so you can make a habit consistent.  You can instead use the 80/20 rule?  You can start with 80 percent soda and 20 percent water.  Then you can come to 50 percent soda and 50 percent water.  Then you can come to 20 percent soda and 80 percent water.  By then, you should be able to kick the bucket with consumption of soda causing unhealthy levels.

All in all, you have to try your best.  It is absolutely necessary to try something.  There are techniques that are listed above, though try one or two for now.  You will surely find a way to solve the issue of obesity and weight loss.

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