The Person and the Wiseman

A person asked a wiseman what should I do to find the meaning of life. He held up his hand and positioned his fingers compelling him to imagine something. He said “from birth to death, there is a ball you can go after.” He then signed it across the view from one side to the other.

Then the wiseman held if far and said “it can go pass death. Or before birth. But these aren’t things you should see.” Then the wiseman held his hand before the person. “Be here and you should know.”

There a many things to live for in life. However while the days go on by, your focus can go along with it. Are you chasing something that is too far a head or are you looking behind? It seems its about where you. Are you in the present, past, or future? We are given a spectrum to live our lives. Outside of it could be mere fiction to what is really necessary. What are you working toward? What really matters is what you are doing here in the present moment.

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