Thoughts on Ethics

There is much that we can experience in today’s world. Though for it to sink in, takes much development underneath. Though accepting such a great a challenge in the changing world, can change you as well.

However as the world changes, it depends on the ethics inside of you. This relates to a moral law, but your choices makes a difference in what you do everyday.

The principle in the ethical man is necessary in today’s world. It is to be able to live amongst others and lead a life above lower to higher drives. This keeps you above things that could help from being prevented or obscured throughout.

Inadequate to having ethics, that is unknowing of self or ignorant, or living only the material, or having less knowledge in a higher sense, then subdivides man into what may not be the exact understanding to himself. This could lead to a fractual or false sense to him or of what is good.

Ethics is built as a foundation to the way we live. As we live with an ethical way, we can handle the changes in the world. It is the ethics that creates the support for our integrity in ourselves.

Ethics is to know the difference in what you have a right to do what is right to do. – Potter Stewart

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