Memory, Tradition, and Myth

Throughout history, we have been growing ourselves as a whole through vast improvements in today’s world. We have been shaping and molding ourselves by the correlations of events that occurred during our times. After a series of on going events, we have been becoming more resilient, steadfast, alert, and enduring.

Of these characteristics and many others, we have gained so much and revolutionized our lives according to what we are facing. Science and technology as brick and mortar build ourselves so that we are able to exceed through capabilities of the past to the meet the future demands. Our knowledge and understanding is ever increasing year after year.

However the world with knowledge and material results produces a finite capacity if it is not tailored with something more responsive. Having these elements alone produces a type 2 dimensional result in the world. It would have a limited way of living in our lives. And would lack the heart of it all producing a rule that can be very constricted.

There are somethings that are unmeasurable and could be unknown to those stuck in a finite parameter. It could lead to ignorance which could pass many chances of good outcomes.

Having memory, tradition, and myth is the key to success:

Memory can help connect the thoughts. It can remember through experiences. It could help you find the way out of the cave.

Tradition can keep us current with values and connect with meaning in our lives. We can bestow symbolic and sacred customs to a group or society. This help with remembrance of our origins.

Myth can help give structure and meaning to the unknown. It can be used as a metaphor as in poetry. It can describe mystery. There is a mysterious meaning of life and we can interact with it through myth. We are able to look outside of the box of a fixed format.

While we are going about our day, just give a moment for thought to see how memory, tradition, and myth is necessary in us.

Science and technology revolutionizes our lives, but memory, tradition, and myth frame our response. – Arthur M. Schlesinger

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