Touching Upon the Heart

When you skim on the surface of your studies, you may be leaving something valuable behind. However, you can read books upon books and finish them. Are you touching upon the true value of what you read?

Though in the first read, you could be running through it only on the surface. It may reveal something briefly and satisfying but what level of satisfaction is it?

There is something that touches the heart, though to reach it needs a bit to develop. Its just like the idea of a photograph getting developed in a dark room. It is a process to develop.

Suppose you print the picture before it can develop properly. Suppose you take it out of its processing. Just think about it. It wouldn’t reveal the intended image.

When you are studying or come upon something to help you on your way, what level of satisfaction can it have on you? Are you touching upon the true value of what you read? These are good questions to ask yourself.

I’ve been devoting quite a bit of my time to harmonic studies on my own, in libraries and places like that. I’ve found you’ve got to look back at the old things and see them in a new light. – John Coltrane

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