Live as Today is Your Last Day

There is a ton of baggage when it comes to what you did in the past. Also there are infinite more when it comes to the tomorrow. Though if you live as today is your last day, you can prioritize yourself, rather than living behind.

There would be no time for laziness, procrastination, distraction, or countless other reasons that could hold you behind.

Of course, living everyday as your last day can be hard. Though you can live like this for a moment of your life. It could be for days, a week, month, or a certain schedule. Though you do it to pick up the momentum. This momentum will help get you started again. It picks up the pace. It will help get you serious.

Be sure to use this momentum wisely. Keep at it. Every once in a while, when needed, you can can pick yourself up to the front, not behind.

Live as today is your last day. – Marcus Aurelius

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