How Do You React?

Each and everyday, we are given a gift of fortune. Though fortune could come in a variety of forms. While it comes, it presents something. It could be good or bad. However, it is a gift nevertheless for you to give it life.

Is this the challenge of a lifetime? It could possibly. However thinking about it, this comes everyday and we have the power to shape it into something. What would that something be?

It so happens that what happens to you depends on how you react to it. It is as a special something comes to you. It could be a spark of life. Though, its given to you to create. Just as a potter can make pottery. There is a process which you can shape, mold, and prepare. This is the process of life in a way. Everyday we are given something to bring forth to your present.

Just observe yourself daily. It is as being conscious to your actions. While there are times that you may react unconsciously, try to note it and you will start to bring yourself to a point before the time you react.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. – Epictetus

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