Guidelines in Knowing Yourself

There is an innocence in life when you cannot touch a thousand things.  Growing up in this time and age, we are introduced to vast amounts of ideas which can infactuate the mind.  This which in turn could affect our thinking and thought processes.   

When growing up, there is a sanctity of the unknown.  It is because there is no pretense or judgement based on your part.  Meaning you would have no “what if” scenarios that could hold you back. 

Honestly, its hard not to look at the present unfolding itself without having some kind of pretense or judgement upon it.  They say to be in the present moment so that there is no past or future attachment.  However, it does mean to be active therefore requiring a bit of will.  Thus, practice is necessary so that you can be in the present moment effortlessly.

Dedication and perseverance can get you through the trials of life.  It is this that can help you with circumstances and even critical moments.  Sometimes it can become too perilous, hence, do not cause too much wear and tear on yourself.  Just handle what you are able to. 

There are many endeavors for the challenges ahead.  Just know that when you reduce the obstacles, then there is nothing that can stop you.

I know not age, nor weariness nor defeat. – Rose Kennedy

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