Thought Lighthouse

Every once in awhile, I need to refresh this idea of what is “Thought Lighthouse”.  When writing reflections from quotes or having an inspiring idea, the idea of Thought Lighthouse goes forth.  Though every once in awhile, I need to bring it back and look at the very reason starting this project. 

It is a way to look at our everyday lives.  When looking deeply, you can see that life is more than just what you see on the surface.  Though mostly, there are many things that come and go and with a blink of an eye its over.  With a mindful thought, you can find some greater depth to meaning, love, interaction, and not just the good things, but also bad.  Though when you are aware, you can remove a piece of the surface revealing something that you can find that has a sentiment to something meaningful.  Hence, you can be a more conscious human being living in the world of today.

To stay with the idea of Thought Lighthouse, a lighthouse is on the edge of the land.  It is there to help ships come and go.  At its very top is a light that shines through to help guide ships within the harbor.  At times, it is dark, foggy, or the visibility is difficult.  When at a higher point, it can help you see above the waves. 

Bringing it back to earth, to the real, we need to look at what is life.  But without awareness, you can be lost or not know anything or move just with the normal propensities, not even conceiving what it means to actually live.  It is like a fish in water.  The fish will say what water?

Though when you are aware, you can start moving yourself into a higher point of view where it is not crowded with ideas, shapes, forms, or ignorance.  It’s where you can have space around you to be, feel, and act.  Though you can be true to yourself.  It’s not a facsimile of it.

When Thought Lighthouse had first been introduced, there was a picture of a city that was black and white on the header.  Some others were confused by what the significance was.  Therefore, I explained that it was as we were living in a city that has its lights off. Life moves, but those in it only stays confined in the dark. Hence, the idea is to raise ourselves and be conscious of our everyday lives. Being conscious is absolutely necessary to lead yourself to a better life. You can follow the right path and make good decisions.

Thought Lighthouse will continue writing about life, meaning, truth, and more. Thought Lighthouse is a way to awaken that spark in you. I hope you can follow and deeply look at your life and how you can bring it to a better way.

Check out the other blog entries, not to have old ones hidden, though giving an opportunity of rebirth.  ^^

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