The Orchestra of Life

When you remain in harmony with the universe, there is a correspondence with unity in our spirit and life.  It is as there is an orchestra who has a performance together.  Each instrument has there various types though has an integral role to the whole process. 

Instruments join together and form a chain which creates a harmonic ensemble.  It is as there is a sound which works together and stays in tune creating rhythmic succession of tones.  The structure of the ensemble is a combination of elements that provide a balance toward harmony.  It is as there is a low and high tone which constitutes the spectrum of the sounds. 

Some instruments has a greater bass or treble which produces the various tones, depths, and capacity for rhythm, though has to comply to the whole with the variations at play.  A single part has a certain tone, such as there could be a sound that is mellow, bright, clear, and strong.  It’s just when different sounds are at play there are distinct parts that make a greater sound toward what is heard.

As you wake to the orchestra of life you can follow, all you need to do is just be who you are.  Follow the signs of the morning as it wakes up with the rising of the sun.  It is as a plant or flower rises up to drink the morning sun, you can rise up with the orchestra of life.

Just before the sky puts on the colors of the sun, you can witness the orchestra of life.  Early in the morning before the sunrises, life wakes up.  Come to the edge of a summit or a hilltop.  If there isn’t much to go on, just take a stroll and walk into the town or city.  Though be there as a witness, conscious to the awakening of life.

Before the awakening of the sun rising, there is a peaceful silence and a clear air.  It should be cool, though depends on where you are on the planet.  You could hear the early shift workers moving around in there homes.  A few lights turn on from here and there.  Though all just making the preparations to start a new day in the awakening with life. 

Early risers come up and cars start moving around.  You can observe the coming and going as cars go up and around the roads.  It can come from its parking garage.  You can watch the lights if from afar appearing as dots that trace the roads. 

As the sun comes up and envelopes the sky with a new found warmth, it warms everybody around.  Subtle hues start to change and paint the sky with colors and warmth.  By this time, you can hear the sounds waking up and becoming alive. 

Businesses start to open up with stores, cafes, super markets, and more.  People start filling up for gas and other works.  Though life moves around and you can feel the life amongst us.

While the atmosphere goes through a change from night to day, just be there and witness the orchestra of life.  It is natural as ever when it goes through these changes. There are many mornings you can wake up to, though this morning just realize that you are active in participating with life.  You don’t have to become strenous in activities or go somewhere in some business matter. 

There are times you can watch people embark around various ordeals.  You can watch these at a distance and relate to it.  It could be interesting to see all the nuances of life bustling around moving or acting with a great show of energy.  There could be an abounding of things and activities that create an atmosphere rallying together.  Though realize, it is only a natural aspect of life.  You are a part of it knowing all.

Realize that these are just the instruments that is within the orchestra of life.  It is the rite of the daily occurrences.  They move with the conductor which could be the sun, or the changes of the day, or it could be something higher. 

And knowing as the orchestra rises to a crescendo, it changes to something greater and brings upon the the dark night that brushes the canvas of the sky to become part of the space and beyond.       

You are already a participant in the orchestra of life, though you can be active and bring yourself to be with that which is here before you.  With a higher appreciation to life, you are helping.  Live in the heart, give the warmth that life gives us and be with the orchestra of life.

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