Imagination and Focus

While your young, the imagination is full of vibrancy and purity.  It just that over the years, you can open up to the fullness of life.  The difference is there is a tendency to move away from a child’s point of view, where there are more barriers of what is right or wrong. 

Whether its what you think is right or wrong, others, or reasons that can’t be explained.  In whatever reason, there was built a tolerance between something or the other.  This tolerance restricts a bit of imagination and possibilities.  Hence, it could restrict your sense for a better judgement or imagination in a way which could put it out of focus.

To bring your imagination into focus is a stretch to think about when comparing to what a pair of glasses can do.  However, its just that when you see things, it is based on a bit of flexibility in your judgement.  Over the course of life, your focal can change, broaden or narrow.  It’s totally natural.  Though it does change your focus in the way you see things.

Though when you realize that our imagination also has a focal length…  which is where it takes some imagination ^c^.  You have to either broaden or narrow it.  This will help you see outside of the box.  Having close-minded syndrome lacks connectibility. 

Your imagination holds a golden key to the way you live.  Having understood some of the guidelines, though exercising it helps to keep yourself strong.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. – Mark Twain

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