In a New Environment

When entering a new environment, there is a unity that helps us work together. It is working cohesively to get ourselves better acquainted to the environment by the work, sociability, knowledge, and developing skills. Though it branches to find where we fit. As entering in an environment, there is an assessment that measures who you are and where to put you.

It’s easy to know your own skills and where you want to be. Though even knowing a genuine assessment of yourself, you have to be humble with assertiveness in a way entering in a new enviroment. Who you are depends on the development you have for yourself up to this present.

While there are many of which that could represent yourself on paper, you have to instead look into your core values for strength. It isn’t the parchments or degrees that determines your fate, but it helps to get your foot in the door. Some core values include integrity, courage, wisdom, goodwill, proactiveness, dependability and the list could go on. These values isn’t represented by the clothes worn, it is your inner self creating a bridge.

Sometimes there is a difficulty presented before you. A tree that is deep though firmly rooted can withstand any weather thrown at it. It can become unshakeable to the temperments of many causalities. Always pick yourself up again and again to meet the challenges ahead. Though have the sense to look outside of the box when necessary.

In the midst of things, you don’t have to expect too much. It is important just to know that you need to do your part. It doesn’t have to take you everywhere. Just be there and do your part.

Though remember that, there is a bigger picture that we are trying to make in the new environment. It’s not about personal endeavors however, it depends on your need and right way of life you are living.

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