Cycles of Life

Those who are early risers will find this a breeze.  Though for those who find it impossible to wake up before daylight springs to action need to understand the importance of the cycles of life that we put ourselves in.

Each and everyday, there are cycles that help move ourselves during the day.  These cycles are very important to understand and to know as it is a way of nature and just about all aspects of life.  For instance, there is the cycle of a day.  Sun goes up and sun goes down.  It’s a simple yet easy to understand cycle of life.  Or you can look at it as how we designate the time of the day such as the morning, afternoon, or night.  Or in foods that correspond to it as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  These are all cycles of each day.  

Cycles go even broader to the seasons.  There are four seasons, I’m sure you can name them?  These cycles are everywhere however most of the time, we are stuck in a small cycle where we have to go to work and come home and know little about life and oblivious to the cycles that revolves around it.  When you are feeling like a bubble encapsulated by mundane life, you need to move into a bigger cycle.  

Why is it a good practice to wake up before five o’clock in the morning?  It helps to wake up in a bigger cycle.  When you do, you can wake up with the sunrise.  Each day, there is a sunrise which is in a bigger cycle of life than the various times many people get up in the morning.  You can go outside and witness the day waking up in a bigger way.  Before it starts, you can see the day waking up as lights turn on in the houses, cars begin to move, and the orchestra of the morning starts the day.  

When you moving with the cycles of life, you can move away from a small cycle and start being part of life in a bigger way.  It will feel good to move with the cycles of life and you can start giving a better sentiment to yourself that starts with the movement in a better way of life and helping to bring fulfillment to be part of something greater.

An aspirant should practice before five o’clock in the morning. – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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