Contribution to a Better You

Everyday is an opportunity to bring a contribution to make a better life for yourself.  How you will make your life better today is up to you?  Each day you have a chance to put your life into focus.  It is as waking up to your internal drive to contribute to yourself.  

Life gives you opportunities, the only thing is that are you willing to take it?  Everyday you are given a chance to fulfill yourself to lead you to a better life.  It’s just hard to be present to these if you don’t know where to look.  And it’s even harder if you are ignorant to what is given to yourself.

Or perhaps it’s just not entirely in focus.  Perhaps it is a bit fuzzy or distant though subconsciously you work towards it.  While it may not be exactly in your cross hairs, you are working towards a better you.

Though wouldn’t it be better if you can actively contribute toward a better life.  

To make a better life, first you need to know what life you want to live?  It’s hard to make it precisely on the dot, but it’s better if you can give yourself the right circumstances or attitude toward the way you want to live.  

In giving yourself the right orientation, you help contribute within the means to make a better life for yourself.  Have a positive attitude.  Be optimistic.  Eat healthy.  Have plenty of rest.  Give to others.  Share.  Organize your home.  Have good savings.  While these are common practices, you need the right foundation to build upon.  These are essentially the ground that you build yourself on.  

Put yourself in the right place to better cultivate your life.  From there, the opportunities of life will come your way.

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