Don’t Underestimate Yourself

If you can have this mantra that “everyday is a life worth living”, and “to live every moment as it’s your last”, it can give you the strength to conquer anything holding you back. Life is always moving forward. Each moment has its value and if not used well, it could be wasted.

How can we move forward in life and not waste it? Of course life is not meant to be perfect, but we have to have some kind of course to give a trajectory into something obtainable. This gives a sense of confidence to keep you on track. All you need to do is to put something worth or value to yourself which can build up. Just like Rome is not built in a day, you don’t have to expect to make this actualized now. However, there has to be some kind of stepping stone to bring you forward with the river of life, not against it.

As you move along you are likely to find some trial and error. Don’t worry about it so much. Move from a narrow subjective mind to an objective mind. You can have short bursts subjectively, however keeping the goal insight. Just be yourself and try your best.

The greatest obstacle is yourself. It could be not doing what you are meant to do. Not really taking the time and effort to know yourself. Knowing yourself is a ancient tradition, however it can be practical in the present.

Knowing yourself is to have a deep respect. It is to know your strengths and weaknesses, passions and fears, desires and dreams, thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes, your tolerances and limitations.

We have to keep going and not underestimate ourself. We can be strong and it can bring us out of being stuck and move forward into something better.

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