About Time

There is a story of time through a day. Depending on where a person works, the amount of time to whom has, there is only a certain period of it to pursue curricular activities before or after.

Each time you look back, you can find something different to use your time in. It could depend on your circumstances in your life. Usually work is constant and takes the majority of your time. Though there are days it can change. Though the change is only allowed in the typical 9-5 or so frame of time that you give it. There are some breaks in the day to provide a bit of rest.

You only have so much rest and relaxation. However, even that is hard to come by, because time could be used for something else. And something else can divide your time. Else as maintenance housework, chores, entertainment, hanging out and etc. When you look back now, time is dependent on the amount of various activities you spend through the day. It could lean on work, at home, or r&r. Though it’s divided by the times you give it. And if you maxed out the time you have, then you will have no time whatsoever.

Do you ever think about the time you have in a day? Sometimes time is illusive that it passes before your eyes without noticing what you did before. It’s because there is only a small amount of time that you can spend on what you love. It is between work and life, a frame, a point of view, which you have allowed for yourself. You then would go back and forth through your day to accomplish it.

How do we give time importance? Time shouldn’t be taken for granted. It can be meaningful, but what kind of meaning are you putting in it. If you can just give yourself time to think a little. Reflect and contemplate on your day. It can have special moments. It can also be sacred. Are you valuing your time? Are you giving time importance?

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