The Seeds in the Present

There is a cycle of life that we need to respect in our present. While the past can be a long time ago and it is something most of us forgets. However, the past culminates the seeds in the present. It is a cycle that is contributed to us now.

The world can go through changes through time. While the world changes, you also go through change. Just like how everything changes. As time goes on, things come and stay for a moment and then leaves. Some keeps a nostalgia but become a kind of antiquity, fixed from one place to another, and placed on a shelf for those to witness it’s worth. You can look at something and track it through the decades. However, there is an eternal nature to it.

Through the material, there is an eternal and timeless nature. Though the eternal is not seen in normal eyes. The timeless is something that doesn’t get older or ages. It is beyond time or space. The eternal comes to this temporal place like wearing a mask to a ballroom. But to see with our physical eyes, we can only grasp it in the material. The eternal is something felt beyond the senses. So we have to know ourselves about that and understand life. While there is a constant endeavor to put something eternal in our lives, there is a chance for it to be missed or mistaken for its eternal qualities.

Our discernment in our present is necessary. When you put in an eternal timeless quality in life, you need to understand there in the material which starts as a seed, sprouts, blooms, and it only lasts until its cycle is over. Lucky for us, the present is continous. Therefore, we have the opportunity to put good seeds in our present.

Seeds go through an ephemeral cycle, though what it leaves is a blessing onto the world. It gives us a chance to find life within the seeds. Seeds have an eternal quality and it is something we value and help nourish us all. It comes into the present moment, it gives life to those who are present to it. It gives food for our body, mind, and spirit. It stands before time. Only the seed in a material sense comes and goes. But its eternal quality is everlasting. Put seeds in the present that helps with our eternal aspect in ourselves. Though understand the material see is only the dress. Knowing this always make new seeds that help throughout our lives.

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