Introspecting Change

Life is always changing.  This is just a fundamental part of life.  Everything changes.  And when you are part of the change, it can sometimes mean a world of difference.  Sometimes change is easy, but while sometimes it can be hard to overcome.  When you are confronted by change, then what can you do?  

I would like to first introspect the nature of change.  When you see something changing, it could be different than the usual.  It could sometimes be new or old.  But as something changes, there is a movement towards a direction.  It could be toward the same direction or the other.  Sometimes you have to go through with an unfamiliar change and have to cope or adapt in some way.  If it is too much to bear, being lucky, then you can turn away and just do what is usually done. 

When you are optimistic to change, then you can come in with a good attitude. This helps you to see the possibilities all around you with hope and confidence. You can come into whatever the change is with stability in yourself, which is just what you need when change is occurring.

If the change is painful, then what?  When you introspect this, you have two things that are changing.  It is the change and your pain.  Why does this have a relation?  The relation that ties change and your pain is attachment.  In the case of attachment, it is holding yourself accountable to the change itself.  While change is occurring all the time, you attach yourself to it saying that it shouldn’t be there. 

In a deeper way in understanding, there is something that is stable in yourself.  It is in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit.  But when you become unstable, the result could cause something painful.  But realize that there is a relationship in your lower and higher self.  The higher self being more stable.  The lower self sees has a lack of stability.  It doesn’t see things as they actually are.  It sees the results to change as something painful.  However, in actuality it doesn’t have to be painful.  In our higher knowing, we are stable in ourselves and not resisting in what is occurring.  

Why would you want to have suffering due to change?  It’s unfortunate how many of us are suffering through changes that results in our lives.  Sometimes there are big changes and other times there are small changes.  But you have to realize that these things are completely natural in a way.  Buddha introspected deeply the nature of reality and life itself.  He found that “life is suffering” and “the root to suffering is attachment”.  Through this when you find what binds the two ideas, you can find the resolution to change and pain. 

If you detach yourself from the changes, you can be free from pain and suffering.  It’s easy, but look within, ask yourself and inquire deeply.  There is a way to find peace through all this and not have to have a painful experience.

Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful. – Buddha

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