Connecting with the Breath

Sometimes it’s hard to connect with yourself while there are lots of things going on. But life has its moments and during these times, it can get you tossed up and down trying to make sense of it all. This fluxuation stirs unsteadily. And as the day goes on, you become spread pretty thin.

It’s hard to live like this and be stuck in a world where your body and mind and everything in between has a problem having no stability and warmth inside. And then you become cold. It’s not cold as in Celsius or Fahrenheit, but it’s something within you which is closer to the spirit or the soul. Or at least how you know to feel it.

It seems that by getting caught in these circumstances, you may wonder what you can do about it? It could seem useless for any endeavor in which you attempt. Though before you jump to conclusions, you have to know well, the inner and outer conditions of yourself.

Breathing is very important in everyday life. You need to breathe to live. We live each and everyday breathing and filling our physical and mental with oxygen and nutrients. Though our breath is ideally stable over the course of your life. It can sometimes be faster or slower, but it usually meets to good standards over a long period of time.

Hence, there is a consistency to your breathing. The inhale and exhale repeats back and forth. It has a careful rhythm based on your life. And goes up when you are more active and goes down when you are less active. This rhythm keeps you in a cadence which helps you stay in a certain state of mind, body, and spirit.

The patterns of breathing changes through age from child to adult. But also what changes is where you breathe. A new born baby breathes naturally at the belly. But after awhile, the breath could move to the regions where most of the organs reside. When you breath in these regions, then you would be at a disadvantage decreasing a full breath. Also it could lead to more stress, anxiety, or other issues, because it is trafficking through where most of the activity is in yourself. Though, you can relearn to breath at your belly again.

When you realize that the breath has a rhythm, then you can pace the rhythm. This will help the breath move to a better state of being which is calm, stable, and mindful. It could even help it to have more regular natural breaths during peak times.

With your breath in a good rhythm, it can be more receptive to yourself. The breath is magical where the state of being from your rhythm or even to your vibration gives you movement. While there is a physical and mental movement, there is a spiritual movement. Therefore, we need to try to keep ourselves in a better state of being. If you are in a state between two worlds such that you are having difficulties, you have to try to bring yourself back to a better state of being.

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