Thoughts on Exercising

Here is a note about exercising: when you exercise after a certain degree, you can get tired.  You will tell yourself how tired you are.  When you listen to this, it’s a response because you are not comfortable with the exercises or that you are not ready for it or it could be about tolerance or fatigue.  However, when you come out of your comfort zone, you could have doubts about things.  Though while, you understand as the driver of yourself, that your exercise is just an exercise.  If you want to not have these issues while exercising, just have better endurance. 

There could be things stopping you from getting somewhere. It’s hard to know the reasons why. Nevertheless, it comes again and again and more when you are pushing harder into a goal. It could be things that discourages you but in the back of your mind, you have to look through these doubts. You have to move beyond yourself.

Having the realization of this can sound simple, but when applied to reality, it could be hard.  It’s easy to realize not to be distracted by every idea, thought, or emotion outside of yourself.  With determination and perseverance, you can be centered in your activity and follow through with your exercise.

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